About Cervisiam

bean-spiritCervisiam is a beer brand from Oslo, Norway that was founded in April 2015. We’re referred to in Norway as “cuckoo” brewers, owing to the fact that, much like the cuckoo laying its eggs in the nests of other birds, the beer we produce is done on rented capacity at other breweries.

Cervisiam has humble beginnings in a brewing garage in the outskirts of Oslo. After entering the competitive homebrewing circuit and receiving some well-deserved accolades, the company was incorporated and Cervisiam began assaulting the Norwegian beer market with a cornucopia of exciting beers.


Not only do we place a lot of stock in producing good-tasting beer, but we also put a lot of effort into producing beer with a particular texture and appearance. Our beers don’t fit the well-known formula of water, hops, barley, and yeast. Instead we model our grist profile based on mouthfeel, and we don’t shy away from using adjuncts to boost flavor. We spend a lot of time at every stage of the process designing the perfect beer; from carefully calculated mineral adjustments to packaging in the perfect vessel for flavor preservation.

From small beginnings as the startup project of 3 intrepid homebrewers, to the 7-person company we are today, we have expanded drastically in the last two years. Now in 2017 we will be opening our first bar, Gjøkeredet (“The Cuckoo’s Nest”), in the Grønland neighborhood of downtown Oslo, and we are in talks to establish a brewing nest of our own that will allow us to create more unique offerings for our local market.


Seljeveien 35, 0575 Oslo, Norge